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room 1
Intensive minirelax-stay
od 180,00 €per stay

Potrebujete rýchlo doplniť sily?

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room 1
Weekend stay
161,00 €per stay

Potrebujete vypnúť?
Doprajte si víkend, počas ktorého sa nemusíte starať o nič viac ako o svoj oddych. O všetko ostatné sa radi postaráme my:)

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room 1
Stay for seniors
od 346,00 €per stay

Konečne máte dosť času pre seba? Doprajte si ho!
Tento pobyt je určený pre seniorov a nie len pre nich:) Skladba pobytu rešpektuje fyzické kapacity zodpovedajúce veku v rámci zabezpečenia dokonalého relaxu.

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Extra in price included

Loyalty program

5% discount available by your next visit. We have created a loyalty program designed for all satisfied guests who like to come back to us. 

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A secure and free Wifi internet connection is available in all rooms as well as in the hotel's common areas.

Free bath robe

The bathrobe, you will surely appreciate by visiting our wellness center, as well as during rehabilitation procedures, is available for you during your stay and free of charge :)

Great swimmingpool included!

The price of each stay includes an entrance to the pool complex, with a relaxation pool with water attractions and spectacular underwater lighting, as well as a seating pool with hydromassage and bead nozzles.

Reálne skúsenosti našich hostí

Očarujúci hotel, perfektný personál, služby procedúry a nakoniec bezchybný bazén s nádherným osvietením, hotelu dávam 100 hviezdičiek, určite sa sem vrátim a každému odporúčam, veľmi pekne ďakujem za krásne zážitky.

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Hotel Tabs

  • Complexity of services - everything under one roof: if you choose, you do not have to leave the hotel at all times
  • Attractive location: you will be jumping from the center of the spa town and yet surrounded by beautiful nature - the spa park starts right in front of the hotel
  • Excellent accessibility: by train, bus, D1 motorway, even the airport is not unrealistic (Trenčín 12 km)
  • Tradition: We have been operating successfully since 1977! All the spaces have undergone the necessary reconstruction and with professional pride we guarantee you the services at the level of the better *** hotel
  • Super wellness center: immaculately is one of the most beautiful and especially the cleanest in the neighborhood

Christmas, wedding, celebration of life anniversary, or just a little attention. Hotel Flóra offers you a great tip to offer your loved ones in the daytime and everyday.

We offer one standard voucher, or we will be happy to prepare a gift voucher for selected stays from our offer.

  • Romantic & wellness voucher for 2 people

Price of gift voucher: 50,00€

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