Pool complex

Swimming pool

  • size: length 15,5 m, width 8 m, depth 1,2 m
  • water attractions: countercurrent flow, waterfall, 6 massage jets, floor geyser
  • extra: very nice subfloor lighting, high quality stainless steel surface
  • 20 deck chairs for relaxation are situated around the pool
  • water temperature: 30 degrees of Celsius (°C)

Sitting pool

  • size:length 11,5 m, width 2,5 m, depth 1 m
  • water attractions: 2 water beds, 10 water seats with jacuzzi
  • extra: very nice subfloor lighting, high quality stainless steel surface
  • water temperature: 31 degrees of Celsius (°C)

Resting room

Resting room with dry air is reserved for longer relaxation after swimming and sauna. It has 10 adjustable couchettes. In summer it is directly connected to a summer terrace, where there are further places for sunbathing. In case of a group reservation we can set-up two mobile massage points in the resting room area.