• Classical massage

It is a massage influencing positively the blood circulation in the skin and muscles, improving absorption of swollen parts, lymph flow, muscular activity, increasing or decreasing the muscle tonus, it has positive influence on the function of the inner organs as well as psychic condition of a person. Its application is suitable for diseases of the motion apparatus, nerves, digestion system, conditions after accidents and operations on bones, joints, convalescence, as well as a preparation for sports activities or as a means of relaxation.

Combinations: spine + nape, legs + buttock, hands + nape, whole body

  • Reflex massage

It is applied on places of the secondary changes caused by a reflex disorder. Places of the changed skin sensitivity are sought. Massage improves hormonal function, functions of the nerve cells, inner organs and the peripheral blood circulation. It is indicated in heart diseases, diseases of the respiratory system, of the stomach, the small and the large intestines, gynecological, neurological, blood vessel diseases, some rheumatic diseases, conditions after operations, accidents, as well as a prevention.

nape + shoulder + head, waist + spine

  • Foot reflex massage

There are reflex spots of the human body on the feet. By stimulation of these spots the inner organs and certain parts of the human body could be influenced positively. The massage improves mobility of the limbs after accidents, it influences positively the function of the inner organs, relieves stress and supports releasing endorfines (chemicals inducing good temper).

Combinations: motion apparatus, innner organs

  • Honey detoxication massage

Massage by bee honey removes the body sediments gathered in the tissues during the life time (from food, drugs, environs) and the body could not get rid of them by its excretory organs. The toxins are excreted during the massage to the skin in a form resembling a chewing gum. The massage is suitable for headaches, chronic tiredeness, insomnia, depressions, rheumatic diseases, menses.

  • Dorn method Breuss massage

Dorn method is a gentle manual therapy by which it is possible to put joints and vertebras safely and exactly to the right position by active cooperation of a client. Breuss massage is a gentle, energy-manual back massage that relieves body, psychical and mental blockades. Contacting liquid is oil of Aarons beard that overheats and has great healing effects. Indications of this method are all problems in area of all spine, relieves anxious mental state and nerve tension. It is suitable also by older age, relieves plates.

  • Manual lymphatic drainage

This massage method supports the lymph flow and improves the blood circulation in the limbs. The lymphatic swellings are reduced subsequently, congestion is improved. It is suitable as a prevention of lymphatic swellings of the tumorous diseases, arthroses, rheumatic pains, for extinction of the fresh scars, swelling of the upper and lower limbs, cellulites. Its regular application on the thighs and the back affects reducing the fat cells.

Combinations: legs + buttock + waist, hands + spine + neck

  • Massage with lava-stones

This massage is based on changing of two extremes – heat and cold. The massage is done by lava stones heated on the temperature 45 °C as well as by cold marble stones. The lava stones harmonize the body, take the negative energy away, eliminate muscle pain, improve blood circulation, support detoxication and have a distinct toning affect. Due to the strong energy power of this massage it is not recommended to combine it with other therapies on one day.

  • Soft mobilizing techniques

This is a special method of manual medicine that affects reflex changes of muscles and under the skin, it decreases pain and muscular tension. It is accompanied by soft relaxing of the whole body, these are techniques combined with thai massage, mobilizing exercises, reflexology of neck and head.

  • Tuina

This is a massage technique with healing and preventive effects. It is a detailed manual technique that effects the channels of human body and it eliminates exhaustion, muscular cramps, nerve tension, pain of the back and nape, headache, stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, sweeps away toxic matters, supports improvement of muscular tonus and avoids swollen face. It brings back the elasticity a symmetry of dynamic apparatus. It influences and harmonizes organs of the whole body.

  • French vein massage 

It is a kind of special foot massage that promotes blood flow to the veins, which stimulates the blood circulation of the lower limbs and relieves the symptoms caused by stagnant blood flow in the veins.
This massage uses specific passions and selected blends of essential oils (cypress, lavender, lemon, cinnamon,...).
The French vein massage is slow, pleasant and is done using smooth and local pressure movements on the feet, calves and thighs on both sides. Massage is recommended for severe legs, mild pain in the veins, restlessness, swelling, burning, cold legs, but also at night cramps or pruritus in the lower limbs.


  • the existence of varicose veins,
  • menstruation,
  • pregnancy,
  • acute kidney disease, renal insufficiency,
  • acute varicose veins,
  • surface wounds,
  • pacemaker.
  • ancerous diseases.