Special therapies

  • Oxygen therapy

It is a medical and recovery method that is based on inhaling air enriched with 40- 60 % oxygen.

It takes one hour in relaxation area. The feed of oxygen eliminates consequences of chronical hypoxy of organism, increases the tolerance of physical pressure, improves body condition and mental activity, unburdens stress tolerance of physical activity and consequences, improves heart congestion, brain and apoplectic stroke prevention, supports brain activity, stabilizes blood circulation and some other lung and cardiac functions, improves tenable function of organism.

  • Interferential currents

Interferential currents act based on the principle of using interference of the two medium-frequency currents within the tissue. It affects directly muscles, nerves, improves blood supply (hyperaemia) and nutrition of the tissue.

  • Ultrasound

Ultrasound uses electric energy of high-frequency currents, which are converted to the mechanical and heat energy. Ultrasound is a longitudinal mechanical oscillation with a frequency 0,75 - 3 MHz and with intensity maximum up to 3 W / cm2. Ultrasound improves the blood circulation and nutrition of tissues, tissue diffusion, acts as spasmolytic agent, with resorbing, analgesic and antispasmodic effect.

  • Bioptron lamp

It is a therapy by polarized light, not formed in one wave length as it is in laser. That´s why is the risk of patient´s harm diminished. Bioptron lamp stimulates healing processes, speeds up regeneration of the hurt bone sinews, raises skin metabolism, activates hair foliculi. It is indicated in decubitus, ulcers, burns, scars, eczema, painful diseases of the motion apparatus and conditions after accidents.

  • Mechanical lymphatic drainage

Massage with the same effects like the manual lymphatic drainage. It is applied by an apparatus. Masseur releases lymphatic ganglions first.